EVBP in The Straight

By Bomber - Posted on 16 June 2011

Major coverage of EVBP and bike polo in The Straight this week.

"Rory “The Bear” Crowley was soon demonstrating his wicked shot, with trademark gunshot echo, as he slammed shots on goal. He reputedly hits the ball so hard, the ball blasts through the spoke protectors cyclists use on their wheels for protection against such things.

On the other team, cycling freak Martin Hauck was showing off his own lone-gunslinger skills as he wove through opposing players, ably rolling the ball. Think Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi on a bike-polo court, with braking here and there on a dime to change direction or throw an opponent. Players use one brake with their nondominant hand. The dominant hand is the mallet hand."

Silent Killer on the cover...!