THE LADIES ARMY PRESENTS.... 1st International Women's Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament

By Pitbull - Posted on 01 September 2009

A one day extravaganza of female polo talent brought to you by the women of East Van and the ladies of Cascadia.

Grandview Park Vancouver, BC (intersection of Charles St. and Commercial Drive)

Some of the founding members of a hardcourt bike polo scene in Vancouver three years ago, women continue to be an active part of polo in Vancouver and the Cascadia region. East Vancouver continues to have the highest number of regular female polo players, and are an inspiration to women polo players and aspiring players all over the world.

After years of participating in male-majority bike polo tournaments, the women have decided it’s time to break out and create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for more women to be exposed to this growing sport. Women of East Van have been winning team members from tournaments in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. We are considered a force to be reckoned with in the Cascadia region.

On September 18th, the women of East Van Bike Polo will welcome women from all over the world at this historical event. The goal of the tournament is to encourage more women to take up the sport, introduce competition in an educational, challenging and fun environment and provide incentives for return visits to the court.

Ladies are coming to compete from across the continent. We will be welcoming players from Burlington, VT, NYC, NY, Ottawa, Calgary, Milwaukee, WI, Seattle, Portland, Victoria and of course, Vancouver!

Our new friend Jadis D will be filming a documentary about women in bike polo, so please don't be camera shy!

Registration 10am
Games at 11am (sharp! No 'polo time')

We can't wait to welcome you and bring some estrogen the court!

L'il Miss Used
(on behalf of Polly, Naomi, Cara, p*cakes, Scora Lora, the new EVBP girls and our favourite ladies from Victoria, Seattle and Portland)

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who's gonna post 'em?? Bomber? Lisa?

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who's gonna put up tourney photos first?? i didn't take any, so get 'em up so i can relive the weekend over and over...

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Top four in standings for THE LADIES ARMY...

1. Bushwackers (East Van - Cara, Lora, Patricia)
2. In my back pocket (Ottawa - Jen, Ohlea, Shelly)
3. Vagic Moments (East Van - Lisa, Naomi, Polly)
4. Killer Ladybugs (Victoria - Cordelia, Naomi, valley)

MVP- Jen

any more awards given out?