The East Van Crown

By Rory_bear - Posted on 11 September 2010


Hotter than ever polo

The East Van Crown 2010 returns with four courts of the hottest ever polo action at New Brighton Park, Vancouver.


Registration will take place at the New Brighton tennis courts Friday during the Dirty Threesome Co-Ed Tournament from 10 - 7. Registration will also occur on Saturday from 9 - 10 am sharp! If your team is not registered by 10 you're in the cheering/heckle squad. Shame to come all this way not not play, so please show up on time.

Start time

Players need to be at the court at 10am sharp. The nights are drawing in and we need to get in as much polo as we can before light fades on us.


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EV crown images being added as I type to the site gallery:

Video of the dramatic final

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