East Van Bike Polo is a community of cyclists who enjoy an alternative take on cycle sports.  We are students, entrepreneurs, bike messengers, community organizers and other professionals.  We have diverse cycling backgrounds, including commuting, mountain biking, couriering, BMX, as well as non-cycling sports like hockey and soccer. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all find ourselves drawn together by the irresistible mix of fun, camaraderie, and challenge of bike polo.  Anyone can play bike polo, come see for yourself!


Hardcourt Bike Polo originated in 2004 in Seattle.  Played initially by messengers as a way to pass time, it quickly gained popularity in the cycling community.

East Van Bike Polo was born in August 2006 and found its home court at Grandview Park soon thereafter, where they have played ever since.   

Always a vanguard, EVBP had a strong start with close ties in the burgeoning Vancouver bicycle culture and neighboring polo clubs in Seattle and Portland. EVBP hosted its first tournament only 9 months after inception (The Last Riders of the Apoloclypse). By 2008, EVBP had another 6 tournaments under its belt, with Victoria and Calgary’s new clubs joining the fun.   

2008 was the same year of bike polo’s first continent-wide tournament, hosted at the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Chicago and the World Cycle Messenger Championships in Toronto.  EVBP delivered two teams, who dominated the first North American podium, with Balls Deep (Drunkie, Rory, Pieter) placing 2nd and East Van Guard (Martin, Adam, James) placing 3rd. East Vanier (Martin, Pieter, Jennifer) placed 3rd in Chicago.

East Van Bike Polo has remained a prominent presence at North American and World tournaments, with our own Crazy Canucks (Drunkie, Rory, Alex) winning the 2011 World Championship title.

Early EVBP members attribute our club’s success to our excellent location, strong sense of community and support for new members. Members show an ongoing commitment to show up to play and a dedication to developing the sport with their time and energy.

Did you know?

East Van Bike Polo was the first to:

  • Design a bike polo club logo  (the iconic “skull and crossed mallets” by Jim Hoehnle)
  • Host a full two-day tournament, now the standard format used around the world
  • Host an all-women’s bike polo tournament (the infamous Ladies Army)
  • Build the bike polo specific court at Grandview Park, setting the standard and supporting other cities